Mission Accomplished


WARNING: Graphic Images!

Mamasapano carnage

I wrote this poem in the height of my sentiments about the Mamasapano Tragedy where 44 SAF Commandos of the Philippine National Police were brutally killed by the radical Muslims in Mindanao.

Oplan Exodus was originally planned to be executed on January 23rd, 2015 but it was put on hold due to Pope Francis’ visit in the Philippines. It was later put into action on that tragic day of January 25th, 2015 by order from the suspended PNP Chief-of-Staff, Gen. Alan Purisima.

I find it outrageous that he was allowed to command such a highly sensitive operation despite the fact that he was relieved from office at that time. Even more outrageous is the shifting of blames among top officials because a lot of them including the anti-terror division were kept in the dark during the planning and the execution of Oplan Exodus. And the most outrageous of all is President Aquino’s obvious insensitivity, his incompetence and lack of responsibility. As the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the President of the nation, he needs to step up to his responsibility at times like this. But, what did he do?

The day of the carnage, he was in Mindanao as early as 5 o’clock in the morning, as revealed by the exchange of text messages between him and General Purisima where the latter was updating the President of the Oplan Exodus’ developments. He could have done something to prevent the massacre of the SAF operatives i.e., contact MILF heads in the area or give orders for the Philippine Military to assist the operatives in distress. But, no. He did not lift a finger to prevent the carnage from happening. And I can see why. He don’t want to jeopardize the ongoing peace talks between the rebels and the government. That was clear, basing on the Philippine military’s justifications about why they refused to help the SAF operatives which eventually led to their tragic death.

The Philippine Military clearly said, their hands were tied because of the ongoing peace talks. In other words, they do not want to offend those Muslim terrorists. So, they thought it’s better to just let the SAF operatives die there as a sacrificial offering to appease the ego of Muslim barbarians.

So, who is to blame for the death of the 44 elites of the Philippine National Police?

What if the operation turned out to be a total success and they did not die at all?

Who will get the most credit for the operation’s success?

Who will they go to and say, “Sir, mission accomplished!” ???


“In memory of the 44 SAF Commandos of the Philippine National Police who died while fighting against Muslim extremism in Mamasapano, Mindanao on January 25th, 2015.”


His father drowns himself in a bottomless lake of beer
while his mother lay in bed, catatonic.
Both taking refuge in Lethe’s embrace,
both unable to watch their beloved son’s eternal sleep.

While out there, the enemy is jubilant.
Celebrating his self proclaimed victory.
A twisted grin formed out the corners of his mouth
as he gloats over the robust stalks of the crimson corn field
–a perfect offering to his murderous prophet.

In the palace of the Chief, chaos commenced.
Fingers pointing east, west, north, south;
like a defective compass.
Shifting directions, running from shame.
No one to blame for the hero’s demise.

And while his family is grieving,
the enemy rejoicing,
his superiors playing the blame game.
The hero in heaven hovered over them, thinking none
of the justice not served but,

of his wish to know
whom he will go to and say,
Mission Accomplished.




All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Willyn


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