Je Suis Liberte!

“Avijit Roy, who has been killed in an attack in Dhaka at the age of 42, was a Bangladeshi-American blogger, published author, and prominent defender of the free-thought movement in Bangladesh.

Mr Roy rose to prominence though his prolific writing on his self-founded site, Mukto-Mona – an internet gathering of mostly South Asia free-thinkers, ratio­nalists, sceptics and humanists founded in 2000.” — Source: BBC News

I am thinking of this news –I’ve thought of this news for days.

This has been going round and round my head since Avijit Roy’s death, I need to get this out of my system.

It’s probably wrong to compare but, I can’t help thinking of that day and the succeeding days when Charlie Hebdo cartoonists were killed. I remembered the public outrage for days. The demonstrations. The solid reactions of cartoonists all over the world in response to the killings.

I remembered it all so well then, I think of Avijit Roy.

Where are the writers?

Where are the bloggers?

Where are the journalists’ outrage for their fellow writer who died advocating for free speech and for his people’s right to choose a life they want?

I saw a few reactions in the writers’ world but, very few indeed. Why? Is it because Roy came from a minority country? Is it because Roy was not as famous as the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists? Is it because Roy was not a Muslim Chapel Hill victim?

What the hell is wrong with today’s journalism?

I’m sitting here thinking of all these things, thinking about how biased the world has turned out now that even the media and the journalists has become so one-sided in reporting, to the point of treading on eggshells most especially when it concerns Muslim sensibilities.

It hurts to see this passive reaction in the writing world when it comes to freedom of expression.

Isn’t this what journalism is all about? Free speech?

I am thinking of this writer who died for a real cause — Free Speech Advocacy. I am thinking of the Chapel Hills victims who earned days –weeks– of public uproar because of one plain fact –they are Muslims. I am thinking of this poor Bangladeshi writer’s wife lying in the hospital, fighting for her life. I am thinking of his daughter who is probably feeling lost and terrified now.

I am thinking of those Bangladeshi people who are grieving for the loss of this fearless writer who defied fear and sacrificed his life in exchange for a more free Bangladesh. I am thinking of this writer soaking in his own blood, the blood of pure sacrifice –the blood of liberty.

I am thinking of this writer…

I am thinking of the Charlie Hebdo attack…

I am thinking of the Denmark attack…

I am thinking of the Chapel Hill attack…

I am thinking of all the media coverage and public outcry for the victims of the above-mentioned incidents.

I am thinking of this Bangladesh writer…


Writer/blogger Avijit Roy who died in the hands of Muslim radicals

I am thinking of Avijit Roy and his one day of fame in the media…

Today’s journalism is a huge joke.

— Je suis Free Speech!


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