PH is Canada’s new garbage dumpsite

Canada Garbage

After its failed negotiations with the Canadian government to take its garbage back, the Philippines has made a decision to dispose of the tons of trash that were illegally shipped to the port in Manila from Canada two years ago.

The 50 container vans of trash came from Ontario, Canada. It’s exporter, Chronic Inc. sent the trash to the Valenzuela City-based company, Chronic Plastics on June 2013.

Its owner, Adelfa Eduardo and customs brokers Leonora Flores and Sherjun Saldon are now facing charges for violating the Republic Act of 6969 or the Act to Control Toxic Substances and Hazardous Nuclear Wastes. They were also charged with violating the Tarif and Customs Code of the Philippines (TCCP) for the unlawful importation of waste materials from Canada.

The Philippine government, backed by public health and environmental advocates had been asking the Canadian government to take back its waste but, Canada has refused to take back the garbage.

Canada Garbage 2

Under the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes, which the Philippines and Canada have ratified, developed nations are prohibited from dumping their garbage in developing countries.

According to the international treaty, the country where the waste originated should be responsible for returning the waste to its port of origin “within 30 days” from the time it was notified about the illegal shipment.

But, because Canada has refused to take it back, the garbage was left rotting for the last two years in the port of Manila. Some of the vans containing the garbage have been brought to the Subic port to ease the congestion of vans.

Now, the Philippines, with its unsolved garbage issues all over the country, was left with the task of disposing Canada’s garbage.


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