Binay Is On the Move to Silence His Critics

Photo Credit: Philstar/Jonathan Asuncion

Photo Credit: Philstar/Jonathan Asuncion

Following PH Vice President Jejomar Binay’s P200-Million damage suit against his detractors which was filed last Monday, his legal counsel Atty. Claro Certeza, in a radio interview with dzMM announced that he has yet to confirm if Binay wants to add a criminal libel case too against his critics.

In his desperation to win back the public’s trust for the upcoming 2016 National Elections, he resorted to attempts of silencing his critics. How pathetic!

Instead of countering the allegations of corruption and power abuse thrown at him, he opted to go silent first, raise the pity card next and threaten a criminal libel case now. Is there no end to this family’s pathetic dramas?

At first, I find this Binay circus so amusing. Now, the amusement has turned into sheer irritation. Everyday, this corrupt family occupies the headlines. If it’s not the patriarch who are making waves in the Philippine media, it’s either the son or the daughter who both took after their corrupt father. Even trivial issues like their skin color or Nancy Binay’s outfit, or even that incident about Nancy mistaken as a maid in his father’s house get sensationalized. (I personally find that one insulting to maids. Maids work hard to earn their money while the Binays amass money through greed and power abuse).

Anyways, back to Binay’s move to silence his critics; I can’t help but raise an eyebrow on this one. Funny, right?

Since last year, Binay has been evading direct answers to the accusations thrown at him and resorted to forum shopping; declaring that the allegations against him and his family are all politically motivated. Well, newsflash for you, Mr. Vice-President:

“You’re a politician. And everything that deals with politics and politicians are politically motivated.”

No politician is guiltless of corruption. That’s my belief. It was just Binay’s misfortune that his political adversaries were able to present evidences of plunder against him. And it is his utter stupidity or lack of perception, or both that brought his downfall when instead of countering those allegations by presenting proof of his innocence, he resorted to pity card which led to people bashing the Binays’ physical appearances/skin color, his endless rant about it being politically motivated which made him sound like a parrot already, and now this damage suit against his detractors and possible criminal libel case as well –all these dramas and still no proof of innocence from the corrupt Binay patriarch and his equally corrupt and abusive children.

Well, if he thinks filing criminal raps vs his critics will win the public’s trust again and will give him an upper hand on the upcoming Presidential elections in the Philippines, he have one big surprise coming. Senator Trillanes issued a statement recently that he will not back down from the fight and vowed to expose more anomalies of VP Binay. And if the senator does not want to back down, so do we. VP Binay might as well file criminal charges vs the entire Filipino people (minus his either dumb or paid supporters, of course). Like one of the accused in Binay’s P200-Million damage suit said, he was merely exercising his right to free speech in criticizing the Vice President.

“I will carry that like a badge of honor. It’s like in the media. If you report the truth, you get sued. It’s a badge of honor, it raises your value. You get noticed because they get hurt.” –Atty. Renato Bondal

The Philippines is a democratic country and any politician who threatens to suppress the people’s rights to criticize their foul deeds –the Filipino citizens’ basic rights to freedom of expression— has no place in the world of politics. Politicians like the Binays are potential dictators. You know what happened to the first politician who tried to dictate the collective will of the Filipino people. He was ousted, then exiled.

The Filipinos do not have a use for rotten politicians. If you’re proven corrupt and abusive, you need to go. No further negotiating on the voters’ trusts unless, you can prove your innocence. In Binay’s case, he can’t. Therefore, he must go.

I remember reading an article from Rappler that was published last year, citing a few insightful quotes from Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago when the senator slammed VP Binay’s dismissal of the Senate Blue Ribbon Subcommittee’s probe on his plunder case. The feisty senator was quoted by Rappler to have said the following:

“If the VP has truth to tell, what is he afraid of?”

She further added:

“Binay appears to be content in defending himself by delivering speeches accusing his enemies of lying. That is not sufficient. He must present his own evidence.”

Well, I agree with Senator Santiago. If Binay is not guilty, what is he afraid of?

And since he can’t come up with any proof of his ‘innocence’, there’s no point for critics like me to stop bashing him and his equally corrupt politician children. Never mind his criminal libel case threats versus his critics.

Politicians like Binay will not and will never be the death of free speech!


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