The Wisdom Behind Netanyahu Speech: Insights to Iran Nuclear Deal

A nuclear Iran is a threat to global security. Read why…


Netanyahu congress speech Israel PM speaking before US Congress

Contrary to Barack Obama’s statement that ‘there is nothing new in Netanyahu speech,’ there is actually a great deal of wisdom behind Israel’s Prime Minister’s claims.

Let us check the FIVE KEY POINTS’ of Benjamin Netanyahu’s moving speech to the Congress in light of the negotiations on Iran Nuclear Program:


“Iran not only defies inspectors, it plays a pretty good game of hide and cheat with them. … Right now, Iran could be hiding facilities that we don’t even know about.”

In a CNN interview last November, 2014, International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Yukiya Amano said, he cannot yet confirm that Iran’s enrichment program is peaceful in nature.

“We can verify that they are honoring the commitment that they have made, and we give the assurance every month, but the problem is that we cannot yet give the assurance that all…

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