Analysis: The BBL Articles in Question

Analysis: The BBL Articles in Question (Updated Version)


Milf Biff

In order for the BBL to be ratified, they have to change or bend the Constitution first.

But, changing the Philippine Constitution is something that can’t be done overnight, neither can it be negotiated in behalf of the BBL. Like it or not, the Constitution is non-negotiable, period.

To put it simply, the BBL is unconstitutional. Therefore, to push for its passage and ratification is to go against the Philippine Constitution –an act that borders on treason.

Andhow is the BBL unconstitutional?

This is the question playing in the minds of everyone. A question that needs an answer. An answer that could help clear the minds of those who are still confused with the controversial BBL.

Let us begin with the BBL’s birth.

The peace negotiations.

In the case of treaties and peace negotiations, there is a clear provision in the Constitution stating that the President cannot conduct peace…

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