What the Media Apologists Do Not Want Us to Know About the Oregon Shooter

The Oregon Shooter was inspired by Nazism and Islamic terrorism.

All over the news, we’ve been hearing the endless rants against guns since the deadly Oregon shooting. Of course, the liberal-progressives and their apologetic Imam Barack Hussein Obama were expected to blame the guns again.


It is because the Oregon shooting was a religious PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS, not Muslims.

If Chris Harper Mercer happened to have targeted Muslims instead of Christians, Obama and his apologist fans would have gone ballistic and cried Islamophobia and religious persecution, like what they did after the Chapel Hill shooting.

The Chapel Hill shooting was not even about religious persecution to begin with. It was a parking dispute. No more, no less. But Imam Hussein was quick to label it as a “persecution of faith”.

And now that there was an ACTUAL persecution of faith, Imam Hussein raged against guns to divert the public’s attention from the persecution of Christians in the hands of a newly converted radical Muslim, and his apologist sheeps are bleeting the same off-the-track tune.

Yes, I strongly believe that Chris Harper Mercer was a newly radicalized Muslim.

Here’s why:

Chris Harper Mercer singled-out Christians for slaughter, as narrated by the survivors.

He pulled the trigger on Christians. Not whites, not blacks, not Muslims.

On Christians.

Isn’t that clue enough for you?

There are only two groups who are hell bent on persecuting Christians –the progressives and the radical Muslims.

Since Chris Harper Mercer had made claims to being a conservative on his dating site profile, it is only safe to assume that he was a radical Muslim. As to when exactly he was radicalized, we will never know the answer. As to how? The answer is plain obvious on Mercer’s MySpace account.

Chris Harper Mercer’s MySpace account has only two connections, one of whom is Mahmoud Ali Ensani who is a Jihadi sympathizer and who has shown a deep love and appreciation of the Mujaheedins.

Here are some photos found at Mahmoud Ali Ensani’s MySpace account:

Photo credit: gotnews.com

Photo credit: gotnews.com

Now, here’s the tweet sent out by an ISIS jihadist claiming responsibility for the Umpqua College shooting carried out by Chris Harper Mercer:

chris harper mercer, chris mercer, chris harper mercer umpqua community college, chris harper mercer oregon, chris harper mercer roseburgh shooting, shooter chris harper mercer, chris harper mercer oregon shooting, toby reynolds, egg man oregon, toby reynolds umpqua community college shooter, toby reynolds roseburg, toby reynolds shooter, toby reynolds shooting, roseburg shooting, umpqua community college shooting, umpqua community college shooter, umpqua shooting, umpqua shooting suspect, umpqua community college gunman, oregon community college shooter, oregon community college shooter dead, umpqua community college shooter gunman name, isis, islamic state

Photo credit: heavy.com

Interestingly, Chris Harper Mercer’s MySpace account has several photos glorifying the Irish Republican Army [below]:

Photo credit: debbieschlussel.com

For those who are not familiar with the IRA (Irish Republican Army), the IRA has a long history of collaborating with the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) and other Islamic terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.

It is also worth noting that the IRA is an anti-Semitic/anti-Israel group. Its leader, Sean Russel, was buried at sea with his body wrapped on a Nazi flag.

Like the IRA, Chris Harper Mercer had an obvious interest in Nazism. An interest shared by him, the IRA and the Islamic world where Adolf Hitler’s autobiographical book, Mein Kampf, remains popular to this day. Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf book was translated to Arabic and renamed, My Jihad.

The jobless Oregon shooter reportedly spent close to $150 (£98.34) for SS headwear.

The fanatical SS, or Schultzstaffel, was an elite Praetorian Guard-like organization within the Third Reich that led Hitler’s “Final Solution” against the Jews and other hated groups.

Using the moniker, Ironcross45 (a German military honor awarded to Hitler many times during the Great War), Chris Harper Mercer ordered the expensive leather Nazi SS officer’s cap from the website, iOffer [below]:


Photo credit: mirror.co.uk

Fast forward to the Oregon Shooting incident, Chris Harper Mercer ordered those inside the Snyder Hall of the Umpqua College to stand up and forced each one of them to state if they were Christians or not. Those who have professed to being a Christian were shot in the head while those who haven’t or refused to answer were shot in the legs [below]:

Clearly, his intentions were to eliminate Christians in the same method used by Islamic terror groups like Al Shabaab in Somalia.

Al Shabaab has a long history of separating Christians from Muslims for slaughter, according to a report from Jihad Watch.

April 2014: Al Shabaab attacked Garissa University in Kenya, singled out Christian students and slaughtered them, some were even beheaded.

June 2014: Approximately 50 militants from Al Shabaab went on a killing spree in Mpeketoni, a predominantly Christian town on Kenya’s coast.  They chanted “Allahu Akbar,” killed whoever could not recite verses from the Koran, and went door-to-door asking residents their religion, killing those who answered “Christian.”  More than 57 people were killed, including six children of church pastors.

August 2014: Al Shabaab abducted a group of traders near the island of Lamu.  The militants eventually released three of them, because they were Muslims, but beheaded the fourth, a Christian.

November 2014: Al Shabaab attacked a bus and massacred 28 of its Christian passengers.  Again, Muslim passengers were separated and left unharmed.

December 2014: Al Shabaab gunmen launched an early morning raid on quarry workers sleeping in their worksite tents near the city of Mandera, along the Somali border.  Christians and Muslims were separated before the Christians, thirty-six of them, were beheaded or shot dead.

Now, in another development, a new twist has emerged.

There were speculations that the intended target of the Oregon shooter was the Paris train hero, Alek Skarlatos.

Alek Skarlatos, a devout Christian, was one of the American heroes who were globally commended for thwarting a Muslim terrorist attack on a Paris train last August 2015.

Skarlatos is currently a student at Umpqua College in Roseburg, Oregon. He was supposed to be attending classes that same day of the massacre, in the very same building where the massacre took place, had he not agreed to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show same time, according to a USA Today report.

By far, there is no solid evidence to prove that Skarlatos was the actual target of Chris Harper Mercer, but it could be a possibility, given the vindictive nature of the jihadists and given the fact that Chris Harper Mercer was apparently influenced by the Islamic terrorists.

Sad to say, those who are relying on the media apologists for “facts” will never get to know the ACTUAL FACTS unless they dig deeper.

The media clowns were not even trying to hide their bias anymore. These so-called “journalists” will censor the news and obscure the actual facts at any given opportunity to suit their own political agenda.

Just look at how they photoshopped the photo of the Oregon shooter to make him look white and stir racial issues again [below]:

LEFT (actual photo), RIGHT (photoshopped)

Photo credit: theconservativetreehouse.com

Photo on the left is the actual image posted by Chris Harper Mercer himself, while photo on the right is the photoshopped image used by the major media outlets like CNN to portray the Oregon shooter as a white supremacist –an obvious attempt to stir racial issue once more and divert the public’s attention from the real issue at hand –the persecution of Christians in the hands of the Muslim fanatics.



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