The Double Standards of Facebook Community Standards


Hear, hear. Facebook is giving out a clear message to everyone.

If you’re a Muslim, feel free to send out death threats and abusive messages to other Facebook users. You don’t have to worry a thing because your Facebook protector will not label your vile messages as hate speech –they will not impose a ban on your account. But if you are an infidel, or an anti-Islam activist like me, be prepared to have your posts censored according to Facebook’s preferences; expect a ban to force you into silence, or worse, a permanent deletion of your account.

Sorry, critics. Facebook joins the politically correct enemedia’s assault on free speech. If you’re not targeted yet, best be prepared because you will surely get your share one day.

It happened to me.

Days ago, I posted a status update on Facebook about the recent Paris terror attacks and its obvious link to the migrant invasion (some of those “refugees” were directly involved in the Paris attacks which took the lives of more than a hundred civilians). Less than an hour after I posted my commentary, it gained close to 50 likes, which could only mean one thing: people happened to agree with me. But as expected, it also earned me loads of hate-filled messages from Muslims and their apologists.

What I did not see coming was the very first ban I got from Facebook because of that status update.

Yes, Facebook removed my post without prior notice and imposed a 24-hour ban on my account. For twenty fours hours, I was forbidden to post a thing, comment on my friends’ posts, or join discussion forums. The ban was supposedly for 24 hours only, but the deceitful Facebook extended my ban to almost 48 hours.

Facebook 1

So, for almost 2 days, I was gagged. I was forced into silence by a social media institution that claims, they welcome broad discussion and social commentary on general subjects like terrorism.

Well, so much for that bullshit.

Here’s my post which Facebook claimed, violated its community standards.


If that is considered a ‘hate speech’ and a direct attack on a ‘discriminated’ group (apparently, a reference to the Muslim ‘refugees’ flocking in Europe), then why oh why some of the vile messages I’ve received from Muslims were able to pass Facebook community standards?

What’s this? Double standards?

Here’s one example of a disgusting message I’ve got on Facebook:

And here’s the response sent to me by the dim-witted Facebook technical team after I reported the message to them.

On separate occasions, I’ve also reported idle death threats and similar vile messages [below] sent by the Islamists to my Facebook page. The politically correct, Muslim coddler Facebook ignored my reports too.

FB Screen Grab

FB Screen Grab (1)

So, what do we have here? A clear case of shameful double-standards.

No doubt, Facebook is run by a bunch of brain-dead, politically correct apes. They deleted my commentary on the Paris terror attacks, claiming it violated their community standards, but those vile messages I’ve reported have passed their rigid “hate speech” rules.

Why? Because those individuals are Muslims?

Wow. Just wow.

Politically correct politicians pandering to Muslims’ overinflated egos are scrambling to pass and legalize laws to criminalize freedom of expression everywhere, labeling free speech as “hate speech”. Case in point is the Philippines. [Read my article about it here.]

The mainstream media –not wanting to be left out— are part of this new trend too, as shown by Facebook’s pointless ban on my account. Of course, as the persecution of free speech increase, the PC sheep are gloating in sheer delight.

This, in my opinion, is a disaster in the making.

Can you imagine a world without sound? A world where only the crickets or the blast from Islamist bombs are heard? A world where freedom of expression no longer exists? A thing of the past, extinct –just like the dinosaurs and the wholly mammoths.

I can’t even begin to imagine.

What happened to our constitutional rights to exercise freedom of expression? Even the international law that was designed to protect freedom of expression has been rendered useless.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN Resolution 217 A)

Article 19

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Thanks to the politically correct morons of this world. Their efforts in suppressing our voice are gaining ground.

Free speech is the new hate speech.


10 thoughts on “The Double Standards of Facebook Community Standards

  1. Keep sharing your experiences, people. Free speech restriction is a form of tyranny that we have to address and expose. We must fight back against tyrants and hold on to our rights before things go out of control. Enough is enough!


  2. I had a page with 15,000 followers just deleted by FB because of a few posts about Muslims. Bad enough they deleted it, but our logo was a street sign saying “no left turns”. Upon learning our page was deleted my co-admins along with myself, were all tossed in FB jail and were told our “street sign” violated community standards. My daughter posted the same pic and had her friend report it… they allowed her to keep it. We also were warned that any attempts to use messenger would add more time to our sentences. My original profile that has been deactivated since August due to violent death threats from “vermin” as I call them also received the ban for 30 days. It’s ridiculous.


  3. My account was also suspended for 30 days and they extended the blocking for 15 additional days, why? Because I posted a Meme about the terrorists coming with the so called refugees, I too was insulted and harassed, I reported those messages too and Facebook found that they “Didn’t violate the community standards’ who are the monitors on Facebook? Muslims? You can insult anyone, but do not mention Muslims, because your account will be suspended for 30 or more days.


  4. I was given a months ban on facebook for criticising ISIS. Then after that one month ban, another, and another straight after the other. All my posts did not violate their terms. Its clear facebook has an infiltration of islamic extremists, who are using the block facility to impose sharia law (no criticism of islam). That’s why social media probably shouldn’t employ muslims, they can’t take their religion out of the work place. Anyway, i set up another two facebook accounts to try and get around this unacceptable attack on free speech.


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