The Double Standards of Facebook Community Standards

Hear, hear. Facebook is giving out a clear message to everyone.

If you’re a Muslim, feel free to send out death threats and abusive messages to other Facebook users. You don’t have to worry a thing because your Facebook protector will not label your vile messages as hate speech –they will not impose a ban on your account. But if you are an infidel, or an anti-Islam activist like me, be prepared to have your posts censored according to Facebook’s preferences; expect a ban to force you into silence, or worse, a permanent deletion of your account.

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PH Lawmaker Filed a Bill to Ban and Criminalize Use of Word “Muslim” in Government, Police and Media Reports of Crimes Committed by Muslims

A Philippine lawmaker filed a bill before the House of Congress, seeking to ban and criminalize the use of the word “Muslim” by any reporter, writer, media outlet, police blotter, government agencies, public and private hospitals or such other institutions in describing a Muslim criminal. 1-BAP Party List Representative Silvestre Bello III seeks strong support…

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Don’t Cry Mother Liberty

 for Avijit Roy, for Charlie Hebdo, for all the journalists who died clinging to their pens… for all the fearless writers who defied threats and terrorism to uphold moral obligations… FOR FREE SPEECH!    Don’t cry Mother Liberty Please wipe those tears away With your spilled blood We will fill our pens And with our…

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The True Face of Islam

The Qur’an contains at least 109 verses that calls Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Allah. Muslims who do not join the call for jihad are declared apostates thus, putting themselves at risk of getting killed by those who believe it is their holy duty to slaughter infidels and muslims who do not adhere to the teachings of Qur’an.

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